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Conclusion to Philosophical Issues in Behavioural Science

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This lecture is backwards. It starts with the conclusion to the whole course because the whole class is together only for the first half of the lecture.

The Integration Challenge

The course has centered on an Integration Challenge.

Where there are philosophical, psychological and formal theories which appear to target a single set of phenomena while saying incompatible things about it, we face two questions:

  • Are they actually inconsistent?
  • if so: how, if at all, should either or both theories be refined?

These questions pose the Integration Challenge.

The Integration Challenge is interesting because apparent conflicts between philosophical, psychological and formal theories arise at the most fundamental level.

Hint The long essay questions for this course are about aspects of this integration challenge (except those which are about an interface problem). You are asked to find significant inconsistencies or to advance our understanding of how integration is possible.

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interface problem : An interface problem may arise when two kinds of representation sometimes non-accidentally match: the problem is to explain how such matches are possible.