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Seminar 6

This seminar is a bit different. Instead of discussing a question, we will discuss the short essays you wrote in the light of feedback.


  • Re-read your essay and the feedback (if available).

  • Formulate with care any questions you have about the substance of the essay or the feedback.

  • Rehearse a 90 second oral presentation of how you answered the question in your essay.

Additional Topic

Some seminar groups may not spend all of the time (or even any) on essays.



  1. What are Pacherie’s objectives?

  2. Which claims does she defend to meet these objectives?

  3. What objections arise to Pacherie’s view?

Ask a Question

Your question will normally be answered in the question session of the next lecture.

More information about asking questions.


Pacherie, E. (2013). Intentional joint agency: Shared intention lite. Synthese, 190(10), 1817–1839.