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Seminar 5

There’s a small chance you will already have had your essays returned in time for this seminar. In that case we would discuss your essays and postpone this topic until next week.


  • What is the central claim of Bratman’s account of shared intention?

  • What does this account aim to achieve?

  • Does the account succeed?

Lecture Notes


If you like books, the first chapters (read as far as you can) of

are the best source. But, conveniently,

is an 8 page precis you could consult instead.

Where to Find the Reading?

In some cases the reference section of the lecture notes already includes a link to help you find the reading.

If there is no link in the lecture notes, start by searching for the title (and, if that fails, by title and authors) on google scholar. If this fails, the library has resources. If those fail, please check first with others on the course. If you still have problems, you may email your seminar tutor.

Ask a Question

Your question will normally be answered in the question session of the next lecture.

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Bratman, M. E. (2014). Shared agency: A planning theory of acting together. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Retrieved from
Bratman, M. E. (2022). A Planning Theory of Acting Together. Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 8(3), 1–8.